Thewa Jewellery

Background & Origin

Thewa, meaning “setting” in Rajasthani, is an exquisite mix of glass and gold, two materials that apparently seem vastly different to intermix and give a product. It finds its origin in the Pratapgarh District of Rajasthan, and just like its origin state that boasts of picturesque beauty, Thewa jewellery too is a thing  of beauty and dedicated hard work put in by skilled artisans. The two main components of Thewa jewellery is 23K gold and glass. Often, glittering effects are added to the glass to complement the base gold. Intricate and time-consuming, each adornment takes a month to be handcrafted. The process begins by breaking terracotta pieces and after adding chemicals and oil into it, and grounded into a thick paste. The paste is then spread over the gold and black paint is added upon it to carve embellished scenes of artwork that exhibit the lores of Hindu mythology, the Rajput royal courts and even the Mughal culture, when it was first evolved. Carved in motifs that rival the paintings of the art world, Thewa jewellery is visual poetry in motion. The Soni family in Rajasthan are the kings of Thewa jewellery, their lineage traced as far back to the Mughal era, and their adornments are a beloved of jewellery lovers all across the globe.

Thewa Jewellery

Making Process Of Thewa Jewellery

Thewa is the art of making women gold jewellery on a fine sheet of multicoloured glass. First, broken glass pieces are mixed with terracotta chunks to create a thick paste to which certain bonding chemicals are added. The paste is then poured onto a wooden base, over which an intricately designed gold sheet is placed. Black paint is poured over this piece to enhance the colour of gold and fine tools are used to add detailing to the design. Sometimes the gold plate is placed on lac and then attached to the glass sheet. 

Available Price Range

Real Thewa jewellery which is created out of gold is quite expensive, running into a few lakhs of rupees. However, it has become more affordable with the widespread use of silver and gold plating.

Best Combination With Dress

Thewa jewelry is ideally worn on special occasions since it is all about the golden looks and intricate and opulent designs. Thewa goes best with lehnga and sarees, though you ca also wait it with formal salwar suits.

Thewa Jewellery necklace

How To Care Thewa Jewellery

Thewa jewelry is not meant for daily wear and should be used with caution. Thewa jewellery should be cleaned carefully after each time it is worn. Use a mild liquid detergent to clean your real gold Thewa jewellery and with a soft brush. The brush should be used very carefully as any vigorous scrubbing can damage the intricate work. For all forms of Thewa jewellery, keep away from chemicals, sweat and chlorinated water and store in a soft, dry pouch.

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