Sandstone Jewelry

What is Sandstone Jewellery? History & Origin

Sandstone was used in ancient civilisations to create hand tools and build homes. In India it has been used  as an art form since late Mauryan times, especially in western India and Uttar Pradesh. Besides figurines and sculptures, it was used with grand effect in the Dilwara temple in Mt Abu. 

history of sandstone jewellery

It was only during the Mughal rule that sandstone made its way into every home as jewellery. Used as sandstone beads, it gained popularity in everyday jewellery, giving it a folk effect.

Making Process of Sandstone Jewellery

Sandstone is usually converted into quartzite. This is then used to create beads and pieces of jewelry. 

making of sandstone jewellery

Benefits of Wearing Sandstone Jewellery

Apparently sandstone is imbued with astrological properties. It not only helps maintain focus, especially during meditation, it also improves relationships and brings positivity at work. There are some who believe sandstone helps control mood swings and strengthens bones and nails. It helps keep the body hydrated and improves vision.

Best Combination with Dress

Wear your sandstone jewellery with your Indian or western outfits to make a statement. The beads are versatile and can be used in earrings, pendants and even bracelets.

sandstone jewellery best dress combinations

How to Care Sandstone Jewellery

Always clean your sandstone jewellery with a mild liquid washing detergent, stone soap, or a cleanser. Rinse thoroughly, use a soft cloth to wipe dry. Avoid using any form of harsh chemical cleaning agents to clean your sandstone jewellery.

how to care sandstone jewellery

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