Rudraksha are the dried seeds of a large, broad-leaved evergreen tree called Elaeocarpus ganitrus. A symbol of the dancing god Rudra or Shiva of Hinduism, the Rudraksha literally means the teardrops of Rudra. Rudraksha makes for an important icon of one of the most popular religious sects of Hinduism, the cult of Shiva. Worn as a religious adornment, often followers and sanyasis are found taking the name of Shiva while they chant the mantras like Om Namah Shivaaye.

The Rudraksha forms a part of Indian traditions, predating to the Vedic era. The seeds are primarily used in India, Nepal and Indonesia where they are worn as beads for organic jewellery like necklaces, and considered semi-precious stones as well. They are also classified into different types, depending on the number of lines they have, from one to twenty-one, called mukhi and have special socio-religious significance attached to them. Voylla has come up with their own range of Rudraksha jewellery that makes a beautiful bond between religious beliefs and fashion aesthetics.

Taking a leaf out of the traditional Rudraksha malas, they have designed gold-plated jewellery that hinge together to each Rudraksha bead together in a necklace. Moreover, various designs of the symbols associated with Lord Shiva, besides the Rudraksha, have also been used to make eye-catching necklaces and bracelets for the customers. A unique blend of modernity and ancient traditions, the Rudraksha jewellery range of Voylla offers customers ta unique experience.

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