Pota Jewellery

What is Pota Jewellery? History & Origin

Pota jewellery is a relatively modern jewelry art form/ relatively modern form of indian fashion jewellery. It is basically the use of faux stones to replace precious gem stones such as diamonds and rubies, to create an exact replica of an original, precious and regal necklace set.

It is hugely popular with urban women, for being extremely stylish with authentic looks and design, relative affordability and also it is safer to wear Pota in the evenings in cities and towns where safety and security may be an issue.

Pota jewellery is created by craftspeople anywhere in the country. And not just Indian designs, Pota jewellery also replicates Victorian and other Western designs perfectly.

Making process

One of the common things used in making pota jewelry, whether it is metal based or used beads, is strings. For metal based pota jewelry, a metal frame is used. The metal is melted until it turns liquid. Then the liquid metal is poured into casts or moulds and cooled down so that it solidifies. After it becomes hard, stones are added with the help of industrial adhesives. Other designs and craftwork, if any, always comes after this.

For beaded pota jewelry, the process is comparatively simpler. Beads are strung along a string and the stones are placed along the string according to the design. The basic design done, clasps or hooks are attached at both the ends of the string and the jewelry is almost ready, with other additional designs added thereafter.


While there are no health benefits as such from wearing Pota jewellery, the only reason you may want to wear Pota jewellery s because it is very affordable. Since it is inexpensive it travels well – you needn’t worry about loss for theft, and you can keep updating your collection as often as you like. Given its versatile design inspiration, Pota jewellery can be worn with all kinds of outfits.

Available price range

Pota jewelry is hugely affordable. The unbranded jewelry pieces can be as low as a few hundreds of rupees. However, since more and more famed designers are coming up with their own branded product lines, a Pota jewellery set run up-to several thousands of rupees as well.

Best combination with dress

Pota jewelry is mostly worn with ethnic dresses as the designs are primarily Indian in nature. Salwar suits, sarees, lehenga-choli go best with Puta. Women usually match the color of the accessory with the color of the dress.

Pota jewelry is mostly worn for casual or semi-formal events and any dress suitable for that particular occasion fits perfectly with suitable Pota Jewelry.

How to care

It is easy to take care of Pota jewellery – should be kept in a clean dry box with cotton lining to protect the jewelry from scratches and damage. Avoid water, harsh chemicals and excessive moisture.

Pota jewelry should be cleaned with a soft clean cloth.

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