Pachchikam Jewellery

Background & Origin

Pachchikam Jewellery has its origin in Gujarat and Kutch, where it is believed that the designs and patterns were initially introduced and worn by European nobility in the 16th century. Later, it gained popularity among the Indian nobles and was passed through the generations and integrated into the Gujarati culture. Similar to Kundan, Pachchikam is celebrated for its unfinished appearance. Silver being the base metal, unlike gold in the case of Kundan, it is much more affordable a jewellery than other varieties. However, the process of making Pachchikam is time-consuming and elaborate, starting with making a silver casting which is then affixed with moulds and graves. This is followed by adding the semi-precious stones upon the casting. Varieties of stones are added in the colours of blue, green and red along with white rice pearls. Handcrafted with dedication by the jewellers, the adornments are exclusive, something which cannot be repeated in other machine-made jewellery. Pachchikam is available as earrings, anklets, necklaces, brooches and other ornaments.

Making Process Of
Pachichikam Jewellery

Pachichikam may resemble Kundan jewellery from a distance. But a closer inspection will reveal a far more delicate work that goes into each piece. 

Molten silver is used to create an encasing that is used for the jewellery. Semi-precious stones are then placed inside the casing according to the desired designs, giving each piece a lustrous look. The signature grooves are then crafted into the casing. Pachchikam Jewellery is entirely handcrafted, tough to replicate, adding to its value. The casings cannot be mass-produced and hence each piece is a collector’s item.  

Available Price Range

Pachchikam Jewellery is more affordable than Kundan, Polki, mainly because it is made with silver.

Best Combination with Dress 

Pachchikam jewellery looks ornate and hence worn on special occasions only. It is also a versatile style and Pachchikam pendant or maang tikka can easily add glamour to a western cocktail outfit or a fusion attire. 

How to care Of
Pachchikam Jewellery

As with any form of jewellery, avoid chemicals, sweat and dirt.  Wipe clean with a soft cloth. In case you intend to use a mild cleanser contact the maker first before going for it.  Avoid vigorous rubbing or scrubbing of this delicate work of art.

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