From the country of cherry blossoms comes the art of origami, literally meaning paper folding. Origami was popularized in Japan during the Edo period. A simplistic art form, it only requires the boundless creativity of the practitioner and a sheet of paper to devise exquisite folded designs and sculptors in origami. It is associated with a number of folds, of which, the nine basic folds include valley or mountain fold, pleat, rabbit ear, outside reverse, inside reverse, crimp, squash, sink and petal. The only requirement for origami is the ability of laminar paper to hold creases to sustain the folds. Over the decades, it has diverged into multiple forms like action origami, pureland origami, wet-folding and modular origami. Although with globalization, any paper-folding technique, irrespective of whatever country of origin, is often associated with origami, Japan continues to conserve the art as one of its keystones in its unique and vibrant culture.

Voylla, inspired by Origami, has come up with her range of Origami-inspired jewellery, which includes earrings, rings and necklaces. Playful and chic, these gold-plated or brass ornaments are refined in their finishes and work as perfect accessories for modern formal as well as casual attires. From a range of rabbit-fold rings to parrot earrings, customers have been offered a wide range to choose from to suit their tastes.

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