The word ombre literally means ‘shaded’ in French. Just as the name suggests, the French, thanks to their incredible aesthetics, created an art form where there occurred a gradual and effortless blending of colours in mobile tints and shades. The gradation was usually done in a light to dark sequencing pattern. Ombre dates back to the early 19th century when it was being used extensively on French fabric art designs. Initially the colour gradation was sewn in with different colours of the thread, and later the cloth was dyed to give a uniform pattern.

Grand and sophisticated, ombre has been adapted into other mediums, like hair coloring, nail art and even fancy cake baking. Voylla has mastered this sensational art in their fashion jewellery by crafting beautiful jewellery like earrings and bracelets, with the ombre colour patterns. Playing with shades of blue on the base metal that is mounted with semi-precious or precious stones or pearls, they have created jewellery to appeal to the modern customer. Moreover, the minimalist nature of the ombre patterns never steal the limelight of the pearl detailing, rather they accentuate it.

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