Marriage—a tradition as old as time itself—is associated with a staggering range of rituals, and one of the most sacred of them is the tying of the Mangalsutra around the bride’s neck by the groom, a symbol of being lifelong mates until death do them apart. The word Mangalsutra essentially means auspicious thread. It is generally found as a string of black beads with a central pendant which varies in size and is des1111igned into a variety of styles, from an image of the supreme goddess Shakti to gold coins for prosperity. The Mangalsutra is the helm of a sustainable marriage in the Hindu tradition, believed to give a long and healthy life to the newly married couple and ward off evil. Beloved and stringed with sentimentality, the Mangalsutra in its origin was devised as a bride’s identity, like the wedding rings in the West.

Voylla has come up with a range of gorgeous mangalsutras. With the black beads strung with gold-plated filigree, the pendants have been crafted by the creative jewellers to be in the shape of the Goddess Lakshmi or with coin motifs with the image of the goddess in it. Pendants with South-Indian-inspired floral designs are also available and embellished CZ gems to form designs of sun rays and other intricate designs are also present in this range. Mixing traditions with artful tastes is something Voylla does best.

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