Latkan for Lehnga Choli

There is no lehnga choli that is complete without a latkan. Whether you go for a traditional look, with a traditional jewellery & a craft inspired latkan or a more contemporary one with your names and messages inscribed, there is a brave new world of latkans to be explored out there. 

Latkan is a decorative extension that makes the ends of the tie-tup strings of your lehnga or blouse look elegant and super glamorous too. There is no end to the innovative designs of the latkan that you can experiment with. A pom pom latkan is the most popular one and these days they come in a mind boggling range of sizes and finishes – embellished with pearl beads and colourful stones, with tassels and satin finishes and more. Latkans with gota embroidery, pachchi work, kutchi embroidery, mirror work, shells and wooden birds and flowers are just some of the other options for those looking for vibrant latkan designs. For those looking for quirky latkan ideas, young brides and bridesmaids for instance, can go for fun motifs and personalised ones. You can try monograms, texts, or shapes that tell a bit about your love story – roses, guitars, chariots, cars, books, coffee mugs, hearts and more.

Latkans can be colour coordinated with your lehnga or stand out in contrast. Pink on pink or canary yellow on feroza, take your pick! When crafted with the same fabric as your lehnga , and crimped or folded into shapes of butterflies and fans, it looks fun and cute. For a bolder and colourful look you may want to try a pom pom latkan in contrasting colours. A pale lehnga could get just hint of mischief when accessorised with a bunch of rainbow coloured latkans & other Indian jewellery. For those who wish to preserve their kalira, attaching them as lateens is great idea too.

Latkans for blouses are usually with tassels and pompoms crafted with beads and colourful stones.  A touch of mirror work also adds glamour to the look. 

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