Jadau Jewellery

History of Jadau Jewellery

Jadau jewelry is crafted with 23-carat gold – known to be the most lustrous grade of gold available.  Other than the Mughals who popularised it, Jadau was favoured by Rajasthan royal families as well.

history of jadau jewellery

Making Process of Jadau Jewellery

Most people are confused when they compare Jadau with other artworks such as Kundan Jewellery, Polki and Meenakari. Jadau jewellery is all about teamwork. Each team of craftspeople are assigned a different task, ultimately leading to a beautiful piece of Indian fashion jewellery.

First, the design is created by a group of artists known as Chiteria. Next, karigars engrave the designs on the base material. They are called the Gharias. The enamelling or the Meenakari is done by another set of artists called the Meenakars. The final product is given its stunning look by the sonar or goldsmith who uses either meenakari or kundan to complete the piece. 

Best Combination with Dress

Jadau is best suited for formal occasions when you team it with a silk or banarasi ensemble. You can also team a jadau pendant with your cocktail outfit to make a stunning statement. 

How to Care of Jadau Jewellery

Given its delicate and intricate work, jadau is not recommended for daily wear. Since it is pure gold with precious stones, there would be a security risk as well. So store it in a safe place, after you wipe clean with a dry cloth. Avoid all harsh chemicals and avoid direct contact with water as much as possible. Wrap in a moisture free case, or cotton bag.

jadau jewellery

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