Originating from the shores of the scenic Andhra Pradesh, the guttapusalu is a beaded necklace with ornate inlaying on a base of metal, which is generally gold. It was first conceived in the pearl fishing beaches of Andhra, and incidentally, “gutta” means fish, while “pusala” means bead. Sewn in a fringed design, the string of beads often resemble a shoal of fish.

An example of antique jewellery that boasts of the rich cultural heritage of India, the Guttapusalu rose in sudden popularity as a bridal necklace thanks to Bollywood fashion queen Sonam Kapoor who wore a guttapusalu necklace on her wedding day. Intricate and heavily engraved upon 23K gold, the beads or the precious stones used has made this necklace a jewellery trousseau favorite among many a customer at present.

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