Background & origin

For the longest time, India has been a hotspot for gemstones and jewellery made of precious gems. Our legacy in richly and finely crafted jewellery with a variety of gemstones in an astounding range of styles is unparalleled.

Traditionally, jewellery made of gemstones was a marker of the ruling class- royalty and the affluent. The Mughals started this love affair with gemstones with a particular passion for jade and emerald, while rubies were favoured by the Rajputs. The British rulers had taken away a majority of these treasures going back to the reign of Akbar, with legendary rocks such as the Kohinoor, still sitting in the country of the colonisers.

According to history, diamonds were first mined in India, followed by other gemstones that were favoured by Mughals and later plundered by the British. Diamonds over centuries have been used in India for bartering, rewards, purchasing arms and even breeding revolutions.

It was only much later that South Africa took over as the hub of diamond trade – mining and production.

Making process

It all begins at the mines, where the gemstones are extracted from the ore. The process of extraction is known as lapidary. The stones are then wax carved and put through a process called casting, enabling multiple pieces of jewelry are made at the same time.

Next steps involved combining several elements of the jewellery to create one composite unit.


In Indian culture, gemstones were coveted for their healing, curative and protective properties. A high grade, pure, untarnished oievee of gemstone, worn for astrological reasons, can cure everything from mental illness to other physiological issues. Stones such as blue sapphire, topaz, coral etc are especially in demand for their strength.

Available price range

Fake gemstones, or glass beads parading as precious gemstones, may look like an original, and cost much less. You can buy a copy of original gemstone jewellery for a few hundreds of rupees. The cost of a piece of jewellery with a real, precious gemstone can go up to a few crores.

Best combination with dress

Gemstones can be worn with anything and everything. Most people like to wear their astrological or navratna rings for healing purposes all the time. Jewellery made for special occasions, depending on the style and make, can be teamed with both Indiana and Western outfits.

How to care

Mild soap and water is best to clean your gemstones. Avoid using anything that can be abrasive or corrosive. Fashion jewellery must not be brought in contact with harsh chemicals and sweat.

Gemstone jewelry’s color and durability can get affected by light and heat. Pearl especially does not handle harsh light too well. Coral may also crack. Amber can darken if exposed to too much sunlight.