What is Champaswaralu? And Its Similarities with Matilu

An elegant form of jewellery from the South of India, Champaswaralu or the embellished ear chain, is part of the temple jewellery ensemble. In its most traditional form, the champaswaralu is meant to give a truly divine look to the bride, drawing attention to the bride’s face, and her head, held high with pride and dignity and divine grace.

If you are going for a South Indian bridal look for your big day or are getting married in the South indian tradition, you must try out this elegant piece of hair accessory to complement your gorgeous kanjeevaram silk sarees.  

Champaswaralu or Matilu, as an ear chain is both a functional and aesthetic addition to bridal jewellery. It supports the heavy jhumkas and studs with a clip or hook attached to the braid or the juda. And it makes the hairdo look beautiful with delicate gold chains with highlights of tiny pearl beads or rubies and kundan work. Champaswaralu looks stunning when it is multi layered and has clusters of pearls and rubies and other gems dangling from the strings of gold. Matilu is sometimes simply a long, embellished chain that is worn over the ear lobe and helps support the heavy earrings of the South Indian Bride.

If you have loved the look of the royal ladies in Bahubali, you know this is the easiest and more glamorous way to recreate that blockbuster look. 

How to Wear a Champaswaralu

This piece of jewellery works best when you accessorise a sumptuous hairdo, drawing attention to the craftsmanship. A big bun or juda is ideal for bringing out the beauty of this elegant piece of jewellery. You can also wear a champaswaralu with a long, thick braid. Just make sure, you do not cover your head. But do remember to have plenty of flowers to complete the divine bridal look.

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